Teflon vs. Copper: Which Cookware Should You Choose?

What does your dream kitchen look like? Maybe it’s classic and cozy, with a large wood- burning oven. Maybe it’s bright and cheery, with lots of flowers and school pictures on the refrigerator. Or maybe it’s an open-concept, with hanging racks for your pots and pans. Oh, and about those pots and pans—in this fantasy, are you using copper or Teflon?

Cursive: A Lost Art Form or A Lost Cause?

Over the last decade, schools have slowly begun to remove learning cursive as a part of the curriculum for elementary students. This move was a long time in the making, and has received its fair share of criticism from educators and parents alike.

Is In-Vitro Fertilization Right for You?

If you want to have a baby but haven’t had luck conceiving naturally, then in-vitro fertilization could be a good alternative to help you realize your dreams of becoming a parent. Let’s break down the basics.

Bad Lawyers are Easy to Find - Here is How to Avoid Them

The quality of the lawyer you choose WILL almost always determine the success of your case. We have to repeat. Cases are decided by the quality of the team representing you.

Considering A Divorce This Year? Here Are 5 Steps To Choosing The Right Lawyer

Life loves to throw a curveball. Whether you drift apart gradually over the span of months, or you suddenly realize your marriage isn’t happily ever after, the dreaded divorce filing happens more often than you think. You may have heard, there is no ‘right’ way to get divorced. It can get ugly.

The Top Attorneys Near You: Affordable and Reputable

With over 1.3 million licensed lawyers in America today, there’s an almost mind-boggling number of specialties and sub-specialties. So to avoid the nasty consequences of losing your case (taking a financial hit severe enough to force you to get a 2nd job, losing custody of your kids, or spending days, weeks, months – or even years – in jail) you need an attorney who knows exactly what he or she is doing.