8 Steps to Growing the Best Beard Ever

Maybe it’s the resurgence of 90’s grunge, maybe it’s the wanderlust movement fueled by Pinterest and flannel or maybe it’s just the path of least resistance—no matter which way you spin it, facial hair is in. If your chin is still (gasp!) bare, follow these steps to grow a beard of your very own.

Step 1: Be patient.

Your beard won’t grow overnight. It’s going to take time and patience for your beard to reach the point you want it to. So take a deep breath. And hang on tight.

Step 2: Do your prep work.

Growing a beard is kind of like planting a garden. You always want to make sure your soil is ready—and the same goes for your face. Use a conditioner to prime your skin for growing facial hair. You’ll be glad you did later.

Step 3: Hurry up and wait.

The first few weeks of growing a beard are always the hardest. Your hair will start growing in, but it may be patchy in places, and uneven in others. (Inhale, exhale. And refer to Step 1.)

Step 4: Resist the urge to scratch.

As your hair grows in, your face may begin to itch a little. This tends to happen when hair grows in a place it was previously never allowed to. And while it’s normal, it can be fairly irritating. However, try not to scratch, as it can lead to infection! Use all your willpower here (or pay a visit to your local drugstore and buy some beard oil to help ease the itch).

Step 5: Plot out the boundary lines.

Once the itching subsides, your scruff will begin to take shape. And it likely will have a mind of its own. Hold off on trimming it, though. Instead, try to mentally map out the shape you would like your beard to take. That way, you will know where to trim once the thickness of your beard begins to increase.

Step 6: Take a hair growth vitamin.

While growing a beard does require a certain amount of patience, there are still steps you can take to expedite the process. Start with a hair growth vitamin. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and biotin can work wonders. Or talk to your hair stylist for specific vitamin- infused product recommendations.

Step 7: Beware the ingrown hair.

As your hair begins to grow in thicker, you may experience a dreaded ingrown hair or two. Whatever you do, don’t pick at your skin—this can cause infection or make the situation worse. Instead, place a warm rag on the afflicted area. The heat will help draw out the hair. Repeat as necessary!

Step 8: Time for a trim!

When your beard reaches its desired thickness (you’ll know when it’s time), use a razor to define the boundary lines and a beard trimmer to keep it at a manageable, attractive length. Lather, rinse, repeat.


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